Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Finally finished my nursing degree..have been on 'holidays' now for two months. What been happening?
  • quit my casual job
  • rejected phone call from hospital A - 'seen your online application, would like to meet you...' 'Sorry, already have accepted ...'
  • rejected phone call from hospital B - 'sorry I already have a job lined up'
  • checked my mail box (damn uni took 3 weeks to post my results)
  • gone on a 6-day sojourn to the freezing cold south
  • consequently seen monetary funds decline
  • rejected phone call from gc - 'sorry but i'm starting at the ... next month'
  • applied for registration with qnc
  • waited...waited...waited
  • phone call from future NUM 'when are you starting?' 'uhh..I'm still waiting for my registration to come through' 'what?! can I write you down for orientation commencing first week of july?
  • After 22 days of waiting, qnc letter arrives (with licence & badge) contrary to qnc's 10 working days claim
  • phone call to acting firer&hirer 'its here!'
  • visit to future workplace, meet acting firer&hirer, photocopy my licence...i'm on my way
  • planning my upcoming 21st..


Blogger may said...

QNC can be a little bummer like that huh. i had a very frustrating time with them when i was getting registered there a few years ago.

anyway, welcome to the nursing world; and thanks for linking me....

1:07 AM  

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